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VARIATOR YAMAHA MAJESTY older before 2007 MAJESTIC 400CC Variators by Turbo Kit If ordering for Chinese GK or XY GoKart check size before ordering. Spain www.TurboKit.net The best racing variators available with circular capsule rollers made of carbon and nylon they slide in / out new variator in order to increase and improve the performance of your maxi-scooter. You'll achieve better acceleration, greater gas mileage, less vibration and no roller clanking. Upgrade your stock scooter for a smoother ride Comes complete with weights. www.TurboKit.net for more information. Variator J.COSTA for YAMAHA Majesty, 400cc 4-stroke LC 16 rollers, 16,5g, H317E with its revolutionary design is a true enrichment for the maxi scooter market. The assembly proved to be unproblematic. Top speed increase of 15 km/h, improved throttle response, better acceleration, less vibrations and reduced noise levels clearly speak for themselves, thus making this variator a very attractive choice.

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